No 33 Siniawan Bazaar

Bau, 94000

Kuching, Sarawak




The Bikalan

The Bikalan is a bar restaurant housed in a recently renovated 1920's Belian wood shop house in Siniawan's historic main bazaar. 

The renovation was undertaken using recycled materials where ever possible, traditional construction techniques, & local labour.  The aim being to create an environment that was new & fresh whilst blending perfectly with its historic surroundings. 

The Bikalan features:

  •  Main bar, including a 300 year old Belian bar top

  • Big screen TV & state-of-the-art audio system

  • Modern washrooms

  • Open plan kitchen

  • Rear terrace with sweeping views of the Sarawak River

  • Function room for up to 40 guests

  • VIP area



Bidayuh Food at The Bikalan

The Bikalan specializes in traditional Bidayuh food, from the local area.

Come & try some delicious Cangkuk Manis Fried Rice or one of our signature dishes like Bikalan Special Fried Chicken or Bikalan Stewed Pork

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This Saturday at The Bikalan, Fondness Drops - A Virtual Concert! This is live music reimagined. Under State Government SOP’s, live music is still not allowed, so Fondness Drops will be a virtual concert showcasing some of the best music of Sarawak. We will be joined by ÁT ADAU, Mozaik, Staak Bisomu, & 4 other bands representing a range of musical styles. Each band will play in closed video session with just performers & videographers present. This will take place in the upstairs private function area of The Bikalan. If the technical side goes as planned, there will be a live video feed broadcast to the TV in the bar area. This is a unique event for a good cause. The shows will be broadcast 4 weeks later on FaceBook & YouTube with a bar code facility allowing donations through Boost, with all proceeds going to homeless charities of Sarawak.

The Bikalan will be open from 12pm to 12am, & even if the video shooting is closed, you can hear the bands & soak up the exciting atmosphere; whilst enjoying some cold beers, local Tuak’s, & delicious food!

So why not join us for an exciting day in historic Siniawan, & soak up the atmosphere of this unique event! SOP’s will apply & your cooperation is highly appreciated! Cheers & #seeyouatthebik 🤠🐊😎🍻🍔🥃🎸🎶🤘



We are situated in historic Siniawan main bazaar, just 25km from Kuching.



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